Focal Flax Speaker Expert

Focal Speakers with Flax Sandwich Cone

These Amazing sounding speakers are made in France-  And are award wining!

Focal Best Product Flax

The 6”1/2 woofer has the new flax cone for a neutral sound without coloration, more dynamique, natural reproduction hung by a Butyl surround with an excellent reliability. The phase plug in the center of the cone also offer a better dispersion than the PS 165 F woofer.


Processed Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter for smoothness and definition without directivity. The tweeter is equipped with the new poron suspension for long life.

BMW 435i Crystalline Tint and Clear Bra

He is a couple pictures of a 2014 BMW that was recently at Lynx for a Crystalline Tint Install. For this vehicle our techs installe CR40, Crystalline 40% on the side and rear glass. Besides the performance and high heat rejection, the owner wanted something that looked a little different than the normal grey/black tint. The Crystalline tint has a uniqe look, it is best described as a bronzish-blue.

Outside View of CR tint

Door Tint BMWBMW 428i Crystalline TintBMW Back window tint

Crystalline VW Bus

Crystalline Tint Install on Windshield

3M’s Crystalline tint is really becoming popular for tinting the front glass of a car or truck. It can be applied to the inside of the windshield and will reject a ton of the heat from the sun! And because it is available in clear shades – It is street legal!

The unique thing about Crystalline tint is it’s ability to reject 97% of the Infrared Heat Spectrum – By rejecting the IR (Thermal Heat), The clear tint creates a thermal boundry that will leave you feeling like you are sitting in the shade!


Awesome Accessories for new BMW

Down at our Centennial location we see a ton of BMWs come through for service. We specialize in OEM Spec and aftermarket accessories including; The best paint protection for BMW, awesome window tinting at great prices, and BMW spec Aftermarket Car Audio Equipment. We offer a Rockford Fosgate Direct Fit Speaker kit for the doors as well as European French Handmade Focal Door speakers! We can easily outfit you’re new Beamer with Aftermarket Amps and Subwoofers too! You know that stock Harmon BMW sound system sucks! Make it sound great by simply upgrading the door speakers at LYNX!

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