F150 Vinyl

Make a Statement

Personalize your vehicle with vinly – Its the little things that make a statement about you. New 3M Vinly comes in many different colors including carbon fiber, matte black, brushed steel, brights, neons, flats, and more! Adding vinly to your vehicle transforms the look and makes your vehicle truly unique.  Come in and ask us to install a vinly wrap on your vehicle. We can make it look sharp, and love to do it!

3m crystalline display at LYNX CUSTOMS

3M Crystalline Auto Tint – Feels like you are sitting in the Shade!

You must check this out at LYNX! The new 3M Crystalline Auto Tint is designed to be a light tint shade, but offer superior performance with high heat rejection.  Crystalline tint is replacing ceramic films and is better due to the fact that it is completely non-metallized, and holds a lifetime warranty never to discolor or turn purple.

It is available in extremely light shades including CR 90%, which is completely clear. Crystalline tint is pretty much a high tech product, made of over 200 nano layers that are thinner than a post-it note. The high heat rejection from this product is possible due to the fact that 3M Crystalline tint reject 97% of Infrared radiation from the sun. Equal to spf10000, this tint completely blocks the IR, (which is the sun rays that you feel on your skin as heat)

The most popular use for Crystalline is to tint the entire windshield. the CR90%, and CR70% are clear and provide up to 60% heat reduction

Scotchshield security tint – a new product available at LYnx

The new security film from 3M is designed to protect the contents of a vehicle by making it harder to see in, and hold shattered glass together and prevent smash and grabs.

smash and  grab protection

from 3M: Cool, safe, and secure, 3M™ Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Films shield you and your valuables by rejecting heat from the sun, increasing privacy, and holding shattered glass together, increasing the amount of time and effort it takes a thief to enter your vehicle, providing a powerful deterrent to smash and grab theft

Window Tint Displays

Check out the best selection of performance window tint!

Lynx is currently stocking 3m High Performance Semi-Metallized, 3M Color Stable, 3M Crystalline, and Suntek Carbon XP. In other words – we have the best stuff around! Check out our new window tint heat display box that demonstrates the heat rejection performance of our high quality tint products. Our custom made heat display features 375 Watt IR heat bulbs behind each grade of tint that we offer. This dispaly litterally lets you feel the difference between a standard dyed window tint, and our high performance product assortment. Feeling is believing, and believe me – our tint is the best!

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