One Start remotes

Remote Start Deal – $129 with basic install – click here

If you missed our online deal, you are in luck, this offer is still available in store only. Come by the store to purchase it before it’s to late!

One of the most advance Remote Start systems available, OneStart’s new XR series features a sleek metal encased remote.

The normal price is $250 – On Sale now for a limited time only $129

With a 2000′ Range, This 2 button transmitter has the ability to Remote start a vehicle and run the engine for 4, 15, or 40 mins.

Price does not include immobilizer bypass module – Additional parts may be required.

1-Year Limited warranty on parts and labor.

Also Available Clifford Remote Start and Alarm Systems

Clifford 4706X LCD remote start Box with Tx copy
Clifford’s new top of the line remote start system is compatible with SmartStart, and is available with or without alarm.


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Are you ready for a remote start?

Lynx Customs Car Audio and Tint Shop has apointments available asap for Remote Start Intallation of great brands like Clifford, Viper, Python, OneStart, CompuStar and More! Please call our shop at (720)808-0619We Beat Car Toys Price! Clifford Remote Start and Alarm Systems in Stock and ready to be installed in your car!

Warm up a vehicle before getting into it! Beat the cold! Its pretty much the best thing ever!


Can you see the Paint Protection Clear Bra on this car?

Protect a new car from the Colorado Streets!

Everyone in Colorado knows about clear bra and clear mask – Most Dealers charge $600 and there is a few independent dealers out there as well that can install various sizes and coverage areas of paint protection film.

The Best way to protect the car is properly covering the forward facing surfaces. While the body of the car is metal (hood, roof, fenders, doors) the Bumper and mirrors are plastic or Chrome. The plastic will not chip as badly as the painted metal from rock chips and road debris that gets dumped on the streets in the winter. So most places will install a small strip on the hood and the mirrors. However, If you are driving a brand new vehicle $$$, and want to make sure to protect it from the damage caused by everyday driving YOU NEED MORE PROTECTION THAN THAT.

There is many common mis-conceptions about Paint protection film / clear bra. It does not have a lifetime warranty~ It is a product that will get destroyed eventually from road wear, UV, bug acids, etc.
It will however protect your car from that damage. The clear bra can be removed as it ages or when you sell the vehicle, and the paint surface will be perfect like brand new again! The longest warranty that is available is 7 years on the adhesive not to peel of the car, crack, or tear. It is important to keep a clear bra clean. It is a porus film that expands and contracts in the temp. Not cleaning a cleaning a clearbra combined with excessive UV exposure is what causes them to discolor. Clear bra technology is always advancing and you can expect that new installation will last longer than anything else out there.

The most common protection is a 12″ or 18″ strip on the hood, However, if you have a new BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, or really any brand new car (they are all so flashy and nice now) IT IS IMPORTANT TO PROTECT THE WHOLE FRONT END. It is not uncommon now to have a top notch afteramarket shop install paint protection film on the whole bumper, entire hood, front fenders, and all around the windshiled. It is also extrememly important to cover headlights ( it will stop them from dis-coloring and pitting) Door edge and door handle cup protection is important too from the everyday wear and tear of handling the car. The door edges are actually the most common arears for chips! You can even cover the back bumper and trunk loading areas to protect from wear and tear.

To cover your whole front end, (The entire hood, Fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Pillars, Cabtop and door edges) YOU CAN EXPECT TO SPEND $1000. It is well worth the money though when you re-sell that $40,000+ car or truck!

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