2016 GTI Crystalline tint Lynx Customs

2016 Volkswagen GTI – Entire Hood Clear Bra & Crystalline Tint

2016 GTI Crystalline Tinted Windshield The entire complete hood of this car is covered in 3M Pro Series Clear Bra. The Clear Protection film will keep the hood looking flawless against the elements. You can not see any ugly line across the front of the hood! We also installed the Crystalline 70 on the front glass of a ’16 GTI to block out all of the heat and make driving it more comfortable!20150831_153558

This image shows the clear paint protection film before the excess is trimmed off.  20150831_174604You can not see the clear bra on this vehicle! We also covered the headlights to protect them from chipping and pitting, and keep then from oxidizing and getting foggy!

Best tint for BMW - 3M Crystalline from LYNX

Lynx Customs is the Home of Crystalline tint in Denver

The owner of this new BMW is now enjoying tinted windows that reduce the heat in the car and look great! The 3M Crystalline tint in the 50% tint shade! The nano-layer technonlogy of the Crystalline tint makes it the best auto glass tint available!

Lynx Customs is the best choice for tint and clear bra on a BMW in Denver

Lynx Customs is the best choice for tint and clear bra on a BMW in Denver

Clear bra install Range Rover

Paint protection film is very important

Also called Clear Bra or Clear Mask – Having a Clear Bra installed at LYNX is great! It will protect the paint on the front of your ride and is practically invisible! Here we are installing our Suntek brand clear bra on the front of some new vehicles!

Range Rover Clear Bra Denver

The Finished Product – You Can Not see the Clear Bra on this vehicle! and the best part is that this invisible film will protect the paint from all the debris in the street!


Working the Paint Protection Film onto this Land Rover at Lynx CustomsPaint Protection Film 2015 Land Rover Range Rover

The Clear bra is invisible on this 2015 Range Rover!

Installing Paint Protection of the bumper of a Corvette Convertible!

Installing Paint Protection of the bumper of a Corvette Convertible!


The Clear Bra is crystall clear!

can't see the clear bra on this corvette at Lynx Customs in Centennial

can’t see the clear bra on this corvette at Lynx Customs in Centennial

Vinyl Wrap Advertisement

Vinyl Wrap Car Advertising – Available at Lynx Customs

Aside from our awesome Window Car Tinting and Car Audio Services in Denver – We also do custom design and installatino of Vinyl wrap advertisements and re-styled color change wraps.

Check out this simple advertisement for dog training – A wrap like this not only advertises your business, but looks cool too! This Scion was originally white, and then was completely wrapped in Satin Black 3M Vinyl Wrap Film. Then the advertisments were added to bring the vehicle to life!

Dogs hanging out window

Ford F150 Clear Mask

2015 Ford F-150 Coming in for Tint and Clear Paint Protection Film

How Much are Window tints? Lynx Offers 4 different types of tint from basic to high-end. (Actually our basic car window tint is much better than most tint shops even carry!)

Check out these pics of a new 2015 Ford F-150. It is so important to protect the new F-150 body from the gravel and trash that builds up on the streets left over from the winter. This road debris will destroy the from of the paint on new vehicles. The Clear Bra installation on this brand new Ford Truck is awesome, and basically invisible.


We covered the headlight also to protect it from pitting and dis-coloring / oxidizing.

We love to install tints and window tinting and car audio equipment in new vehicles!


nissan z custom system

Custom Audio Install: Rockford Fosgate Nissan 350z

Another amazing install on a Nissan Z – We just love these vehicles and installing cool audio systems in them! Big thanks to Todd, Hans, and all of the Nissan Z enthusiasts that choos Lynx for their installs.

This finished picture shows the removable grill cover for the custom subwoofer box housing a 10″ Rockford Fosgate P3. The request was for a removable grill that could be used to protect the subwoofer when loading cargo in the rear. This grill looks so cool that it probably won’t be removed though;) The Z was fabricated from brushed aluminum and has color matching inserts.

removable grill

While the Z was at Lynx Customs in Centennial, we also replaced the windshield and removed the cruddy old window tint. We then installed our high performance Japanese window film called Wincos on the side glass and front windscreen!

350Z Wincos Tint on Windshield 70%

350Z Wincos Tint on Windshield 70%

The powerhouse amplifier used for this installation is the brand new Rockford Fosgate Punch Series 1000w 5 channel amp! It is pushing clean power to the subwoofer which is pounding in it’s custom ported box!


Rockford 5ch. Punch Amp Custom Mount Display

Rockford 5ch. Punch Amp Custom Mount Display

Want more Nissan Z Custom System Pics? Check out this other install install on a 2013 370z by clicking here

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