Alarm Features

Add these Car Alarm features to any remote start system. Our method of offering car alarms allows you to choose whats right for you based on the protection that the vehicle needs.

Be sure to check out our shatter-proof security window tint HERE for additional protection.

Field Disturbance Sensor

Dual Zone motion detector attachment for car alarms.

An effective vehicle intrusion sensor, this dual zone radar sensor detects moving high density objects using RF field disturbance technology.


Old Price: $149.99

Price: $70.00

You save: $79.99

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Basic Alarm package

This alarm add-on upgrade is available for any of our remote start systems. The basic alarm package includes an aftermarket siren, a warning LED, and an impact sensor.

Old Price: $169.00

Price: $100.00

You save: $69.00

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Back up Battery

Siren with a built in back up battery. This siren will sound regardless if the wires are cut or even if the battery is disconnected. The internal battery will hold a charge to sound the alarm even if a thief tries to disconnect it.

Old Price: $199.00

Price: $99.00

You save: $100.00

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Car security systems serve as both a protectant, and a deterent. Auto theft and break in  crime can happen anywhere. Tinted windows for privacy and a car alarm is the best way to protect your assets and feel safe where ever you may park.

Remote monitoring of a car alarm is now available via smartphone app using the Clifford SmartStart alarm. If you have smartstart with an alarm, and someting happens to the car, you will receive a push notification or alert on your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

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