What is the Immobilizer Bypass Module?

Most newer vehicles have a factory immobilizer system that prevents the car from being stolen or started without the key. In order to install an aftermarket remote start system, You must install an Immobilizer Bypass Module to allow the car to start without a key physically being in the ignition (most vehicles after 2000).

The keys are manufactured with a type of microchip inside of them that has an encrypted security code to match the car. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the car’s factory immobilizer senses the encrypted code, and allows the vehicle to start only when it senses this code. In other words- most new vehicles have a system that immobilizes (stops) a car from working unless a very specific electronic code is read from the key that is in the ignition.

Remote Start System require an immobilizer bypass module/procedure in order to make a vehicle start without the key physically being in it. This component is also used as a bridge between the remote start and a car’s computer. It is a type or programable interface that allows the aftermarket remote start to control some of the vehicle’s functions.

An immobilizer Bypass Module is programmed to replicate the code embedded in a key, and use that replicated code during a remote start sequence. The bypass module learns the key code with flashable/updateable software that interfaces to the car’s computer brain, and programing face to face with the key. This allows a car to be remote started without affecting the OEM/Stock security system and electronics system.

The immobilizer bypass modules that are available now utilize a data transpondence communication with the vehicle’s computer. Some applications require a data module as compared to the traditional analog remote start system. We are currently using a combination of digital and analog remote starts in order to offer the best solution for every vehicle.


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