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Custom Coatings: Hydrographics and Cerakote

Rockford Fosgate Special Edition Amp

Did you know that we specialize in custom coatings. Not only do we offer the auto body coatings like Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wrap, we also do painted coatings.

Check out our Rockford Fosgate special edition amplifiers! They have be hydrodipped in a real skull pattern over the amplifier faceplate covers. This process involves re-finishing the surface with a dipped on custom graphic.

Special edition Rockford Punch AMP LYNX CUSTOMS

We offer tons of patterns and finishes, and love doing customized camouflage.

Rockford USA Amp

In additional to hydrodip painting, we offers a really unique ceramic based coating called Cerakote. This is similar to a powder coat paint, however it have a much higher heat tolerance and lasts longer. Most notably it is much thinner. The Cerakote Ceramic coating is sprayed on, then oven cured quickly. This process makes the Cerakote paint practically bulletproof! We most often use this treatment for firearms and small parts painting. It is available in any color!

Pictured below is clips that have been coated with Tungsten Cerakote.

Cerakote Tungsten

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