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Custom Installation

Professional Radar Detector installation is recommended to get the best results from your Escort Radar Detector.

We offer the BlendMount Mirror Mount system and can retrofit your car with a custom mount for on dash radar detectors like Valentine, Beltronics & Escort Passports-

Custom installed radar protection systems must be done by a pro. These are the radar detectors that get hidden in the vehicle with radar and laser detecting sensors in the front and/or rear bumper.

The Radar and Laser receiver modules can be installed in the front grill or bumper.

Inside the vehicle a small display and control module can be installed anywhere. It can be hidden away or customized to match the car’s interior and look stock.

Radar and Laser Protection Systems are a must for new muscle cars, exotics, and are the best protection available in electric vehicles.

Escort Max CI 360 Installed in a 2017 Tesla X P100D

The All New Escort CI 360 comes equipped with front and rear radar/laser receivers and front and rear laser defense.