Headlight Lens Protection

Protecting the surface of headlights is often overlooked, but extremely important. Installing clear protection film over the lense of a headlight will protect it from pitting and chipping from road debris, and will also prevent them from fading, discoloring, and oxidizing from the UV exposure.

Have you noticed how flashy headlights is a major trend in new vehicles? Lexus and Audi specifically advertise their unique and cool light fixtures. This new generation of stylish and unique headlights are great, but at the same time, very expensive.

Have you ever tried to polish or clear a dulled headlight lense? It is a pain, and can also be expensive. The clear protection film is usually only needed once, and will save headlights from impacts, but most importantly keep them crystal clear!

Headlights lense protection films are just like the paint protection (Clear Bra) This clear film can be installed onto almost any headlight. We use 3M Professional Series Clear Mask and Xpel paint protection film to coat headlights, both new and old!