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Headlight Polishing / Restoration

Headlight Polishing and Protection is a serious matter. We can restore unsightly headlight lenses and protect them from the elements. If your headlights are starting to discolor and deteriorate, they can be brought back to life. Headlight Lense Refinishing can completely change a blurry lense back to crystal clear. After we bring them back to life and shine them up, we coat them with a piece of Clear Bra material that protects them from pitting and chipping, as well as prevents them from oxidizing from the Sun’s UV and harmful chemicals.

Refinished headlight display.

The above headlight was completely fogged, deteriorated, and hazy. We polished half of it and then applied our clear protection film. The result is clear! The lense is restored to crystal clear and can be refinished and polished to look brand new!

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