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Other Auto Tints

We’ve sold and installed virtually every tint available. Our standard offering¬†of 3M and Viper Films consist of the best quality and best value. Other brands are¬†available as well as window tint lines that we have carried in the past but no longer offer like Wincos and 3M’s ColorStable.

3M Color Stable

Once our Most Popular Tint, the 3M Color Stable series Film is unmatched in quality. This film offers a lifetime warranty never to peel off the glass, as well as a lifetime warranty to never fade, discolor, or turn purple.

The application of the 3M Color Stable Automotive Film has a flat, or matte finish and resembles dyed glass. This tint looks awesome on nice vehicles!

From the Manufacturer-

“Don’t settle for anything less! 3M Color Stable’s appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference! 3M’s revolutionary nano-carbon polyester provides an incredible look, amazing color stability, and is non-metalized to ensure no signal interference.

While most other window film companies buy their polyester from someone else, 3M makes its own polyester. During this process, 3M patented a technology for producing its own nano-carbon polyester. This revolutionary and unique process, allows for maximum heat rejection without a metalized film, which can interfere with radio and satellite signals. It also gives our films a stylish look with outstanding color stability. In fact, it’s so advanced that in time-based tests, 3M Color Stable films never turned purple while conventional dyed films rapidly changed to a purple color.

These darker shaded films are designed to reject solar heat that is produced from visible light. Color Stable rejects up to 57% of the heat coming through your windows. Color Stable films also provide significant glare relief, allowing only 5% to 50% of the light into your car.”

3M FX-HP High Performance


Wincos (window cosmetics) is a high performance automotive window tint film from Japan. This amazing window film features IR heat absorbing dye that greatly reduces the sun’s heat that you feel in the car.

Wincos Display

Available in 20% and 30% VLT, Wincos automotive window film is the highest performing dart tint that we offer!

Also available in 70% for front windshields!

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Wincos 70 on the front glass to reduce heat

Wincos 70 on the front glass to reduce heat


This 2014 Ford Focus ST was outfitted with high performance Wincos Tint at LYNX – 30% street legal tint on the sides, and Wincos 70% to reject all of the heat from the sun that comes from the dash heating up!