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Viper LCD 2-Way Remote Start Alarm

$999.00 $799.00

2 Way Remote Start Alarm


Our most advanced  2-Way remote start and alarm system with rechargeable LCD remote. Up to 1-mile range and includes a companion advanced 1-way remote. The LCD Remote is the ultimate convenience with Audible, Visible, and Vibrate. Change the color or the screen and customize the setting to show the internal temp. of the vehicle and more! Rechargeable remote goes months on a charge!

The added alarm system will sound if there in any disturbance to the vehicle and lock it out of starting. The remote will go crazy beeping and flashing in your pocket to let you know something is wrong when the vehicle is out of sight.

Price includes 2 remotes, all of the equipment needed, and basic installation. Not available for all vehicle including many euros. Additional cost for installation into manual transmission vehicles. Add a Smartstart for unlimited range!


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