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Remote Start and Alarms at Lynx Customs


Lynx brings you the best line-up of Viper Remote Start and Alarm systems featuring SmartStart – Control from Smartphone. Viper and Clifford high-end remote start and alarm systems are available at Lynx Customs at an unbeatable price. And as an authorized Viper dealer, we offer you the best equipment and service with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Remote Start at Lynx Customs

Remote Start Systems allow you to start and warm up a vehicle before getting in and can also include an alarm and keyless entry systems.  There are also 2 types of remotes; 1way and 2 way remotes.  1 Way remotes are similar to OEM remotes and have a range of apx. 1000 ft. 2 Way remotes are much better and offer 2 way data exchange between the car and remote, confirming commands and extending the range up to 5,000 ft.

In the Lynx Customs showroom we display the hottest new remote start systems available. Our selection surpasses CarToys, Bestbuy, Quality Autosound, and all of our competitors.  Lynx Customs in Centennial also stocks and installs the PKE or Passive Keyless Entry System. The PKE senses when you walk up to the car and unlocks or locks it for you without pushing any buttons!

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Build Your Alarm System

Using the latest equipment available, Lynx is able to mix and match alarm features and add them to all of the newest remote start systems available. Choose each individual feature that you would like for a custom alarm install.

Viper car alarms include a theft protection guarantee that will cover an insurance deductible up to $2500 for auto theft. This guarantee is for 1 year upon installation of a Viper Alarm.  Couple a Viper brand car alarm with a Viper Window Tint installation and double the manufacturer’s guarantee to $5,000!

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The prices reflect our promotional offers of the product and installation together. Unfortunately, Lynx will not install systems brought in that are not purchased in house.

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