Restyled Color Change

Make a Statement
with a Customized Vinyl Wrap!

Radically change the look of your vehicle with vinyl wrap installation.  

We use Car Wrap Films to restyle vehicles and make them one of a kind!

Custom Rally Stripes designed and installed at Lynx

Stand out in the crowd with a vinyl wrap! Wrapping your car is a great way to personalize and customize a vehicle to be one of a kind and head turning – Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and exotic colors including carbon fiber, chrome, steel, and color-shifting effects.

Sickest Wrap ever

What is Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrap film that is typically used for “wrapping” a vehicle is actually pretty high tech – Most films are a PVC cast film with adhesive backing. The film is manufactured directly onto the adhesive and a removable liner that creates a very small air channel matrix in the adhesive.  This special adhesive allows the film to be installed onto the vehicle’s body and conform to the curves. The adhesive on these auto grade wrap films is specially made to permanently adhere to  painted surfaces, but not damage the paint. Colored wrap film can be removed, and essentially serves as a protective coating for the car’s paint.

Custom Wrap for a Tesla S with a Chrome Delete, and two-tone carbon fiber decal

Lynx is currently offering discounted prices and no interest financing of full color change wraps and clear protection film.


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Custom Lettering

Available in many colors, Vinyl Wrap material installation – also known as a Restyled Color Change is a great way to easily change the look of any vehicle within OEM specs.

Matte White Full Wrap – This vehicle is actually black!

Any idea can come to life with a custom installation of Vinyl Wrap.

Everything from Racing Stripes to custom designs and multiple colors, Carbon Fiber is the most popular, and is available in black, anthracite, and white!

Please bring your vehicle in to obtain an accurate price estimate.