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Sound Dampening


Sound Dampening

Sound Dampening

We offer sound dampening installation on any make and model, and believe in this application so much that we recommend it for every speaker installation to ensure the best sounding install possible.

Sound Dampening materials serve a dual function:

Eliminating sound and reducing noise. Sound proofing can be added to the interior of the door panels, footwells, firewall, trunk area, and basically the entire interior to reduce road noise from coming in, and reduce interior sounds from getting out.

Reducing vibrations and coating rigid surfaces on the interior paneling that affect the way car speakers sound- By reducing the resonant reverberations, speakers are able to project sound without reflective interference and rattling.

Sound dampening materials are recommended to be professionally installed. We offer door install kits, trunk kits for loud subs, and bulk kits that can coat all of the interior paneling in doors and floorboards.

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