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3m Crystalline

The Highest grade of Window Film Available, 3M Crystalline Tint blocks the sun’s heat and looks incredible. Crystalline tint is a high tech, nano layer window film that noticeably blocks the heat that comes through the glass with its nano layer spectrally selective properties. It’s like stepping in the shade, and comes with a complete lifetime warranty on adhesive failure,peeling or bubbling, and discoloring or fading..

The Best thing about our Crystalline film is that it is available in high performance light tint shades that can be applied to the front windshield. The expert installers at Lynx can coat the entire front glass of the vehicle and block all of the heat that would normally scorch the dash and reflect in on the driver. Coating the front windshield with Crystalline also ensures that you get 100% UV protection while in your vehicle.

3m Obsidian

The new standard auto film at Lynx Customs, 3M Obsidian Series Window Film is replacing our FX-PM, and Color Stable Series. Certified 99% UV rejection from the Skin Cancer Foundation, This tint will cool down a vehicle and improve the cosmetic appearance of any car- in fact it is the best looking tint available. In a cool Dark Smoke shade, the Obsidian series looks like dyed glass and matches factory shades. It has been built tougher than it’s predecessors with a strong scratch coating, and a complete lifetime warranty on adhesive failure,peeling or bubbling, and discoloring or fading.


“Most tint shops claim to offer 3M, but substitute for a cheaper material. Lynx Customs is proudly a 3M dealer, and offers the largest selection of 3M tint in the state”.

– Please view the 3M dealer website HERE


Lynx Customs - 3M Authorized Tint Dealer


3m Auto Security Film

Lynx 3M Scotchshield Security tint is becoming extremely popular as auto theft and break in rates are skyrocketing in Denver.  This special use window tint can be applied to the sides and back glass of a vehicle and is available in different shades of tint. This protective tint is strong and about 4 times thicker than normal window tint film. The application of this security tint  will prevent the side glass from shattering out if it is impacted by spark plug or any other hard object that will break the glass.


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