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Browse our selection of  Window Tint services available in Denver, CO

Lynx offers a wide selection of high quality automotive window films from 3M Tint, Suntek, and Madico. On display in our showroom is a selection of different shades, and our in stock selection includes everything from limo tint to transparent crystalline films.  Almost any automotive window film is available for special order as well. When visiting the shop for tint installation you can examine our tint displays and choose different darknesses for each type of tint that we offer.  The darkness of window tint is measured on the visible light transmitted (VLT) through the film on the glass. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint.  Our high-end window tint selection includes 3M Crystalline and an imported Japanese Film Wincos. These unique window film products offer a high performance for rejecting heat and cooling down the vehicle. Up to 99.9% or harmful UV rays, and 97% Infrared full spectrum rejection. All of the films on this page include a lifetime warranty on materials and install. The prices listed on this website represent our promotional prices and are estimates only, some vehicles may require special or additional costs so please call before purchase. Very dark shades of films may also incur an additional cost. Please have vehicle clean and free from pet hair before a window tint appointment. It is important that the car is as clean as possible to eliminate the possibility of debris that can adhere to the tint causing imperfections. The actual service takes a few hours, and same day appointment are often available. After the completion of a service the window must remain up for 3-5 days. As the adhesive on the tint cures, blemishes and moisture in the tint’s initial appearance will fade. The average curing time for window tint is 1-2 weeks. You can wash the vehicle at any time after the service, as the film is applied on the inside of the glass.

“Most tint shops claim to offer 3M, but substitute for a cheaper material. Lynx Customs is proudly a 3M dealer, and offers the largest selection of 3M tint in the state”.

– Please view the 3M dealer website HERE


Lynx Customs - 3M Authorized Tint Dealer



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